Chatbot Use Cases: How To Use Facebook Messenger For Your Business

Messenger bots can ace specific tasks much better than Facebook groups, Instagram pages, landing pages, and mobile apps combined. Here's 4 chatbot use cases you can apply to boost your conversion rates, hyper-personalize your marketing efforts, and achieve your retention and sales goals.
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Messenger Bots are here to revolutionize lead conversion.
As marketers, we usually direct our online ad traffic to either well-crafted landing pages or exclusive social media groups.

While these destinations do have their own set of advantages, what if we tell you that there's an alternative solution, that is capable of performing certain marketing tasks 2-5 times better than the above options?

Keep reading this post, to find out a highly rewarding approach to convert your leads to customers.

Case 1:
A chat bot can boost your micro-conversion and macro-conversion rates, without having to shell out money on ads

When a lead clicks on one of your ads and lands on your website, here are the various outcomes that might happen:

  • They convert (could be either a macro-conversion like making a purchase or a micro-conversion like subscribing to your newsletter)
  • They abandon your website without taking any further actions

And as per the e-commerce industry standards, on an average, only a mere 1-2% of your visitors will go ahead and buy your product (macro-conversion), and about 5% of them will subscribe to your emails (micro-conversion).

If you're lucky, that is.

Adding to that, in the case of the email subscribers, email marketing benchmarks show that only around 5-22% of them will actually open your emails/newsletters, out of which just 2-3% will go ahead and click one of your links.

The reasons are obvious here - inboxes are perpetually crowded, and email marketing has become synonymous with spamming.

And Messenger bots can help you overcome all these drawbacks. You can convert every single website visitor into your Messenger subscriber and deliver useful content, broadcast messages, and promotions using your chat bot.
Facebook Messenger Chat Bot - Opt-in Process
Messenger Bot - Opt-in Process
You can effortlessly win a micro-conversion rate of about 70-90%, by placing a "Send to Messenger" button on your website pages, and then let your bot automatically share content with the subscribers. This way, the user doesn't have to manually type-in their email address, and as they'll most probably be logged in on Facebook, they can subscribe to the bot with just the click of a button. Consequently, you can continue to keep them in the loop, by sending regular follow-ups in the form of useful and educational content.
Which brings us to the macro-conversion part.

Chat bots are powerful retention tools, especially in today's mobile internet era.

The attention span of the present-day user is sparse. Adding to that, lack of need or price concerns aren't the only reasons for people to skip buying your products. Bad timing is one of the major culprits for a prospect to not make a purchase.

So following up on the users, and being proactive in building and maintaining contact with your audience is preeminent to boost your macro-conversion rates.

And Messenger bots are one of the most efficient and effective ways to do just that. We'll see how in the following section.

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Case 2:
Every chat bot proactive communication hits an average open rate of about 90%
Think about it.

At the moment, Facebook Messenger boasts of 1.2 billion monthly active users. That's 1.2 billion people using Messenger to connect with their family and friends every month.
Facebook Messenger Users Statistics
And what do people generally do with the communication channels that are meant for their personal connections? They keep the notifications perpetually on.

Which means that your follow-up content has a much higher chance of getting delivered and read when you send it as a message on Facebook Messenger than as an email.

As a testament to this fact, bots powered by ProChatCommerce achieve an open-rate of about 90% on average, which is virtually impossible to be accomplished with email newsletters.
Messenger Chat Bot Notification
Messenger Bot Notification
Case 3:
A chat bot will give you endless possibilities to hyper-personalize your marketing efforts
According to a study on Millennials conducted by the Aimia Institute, customers are ruthless towards any form of marketing communication that isn't tailored to them.

The study revealed that they won't hesitate to:

  • Block phone numbers (80%)
  • Close customer accounts and unsubscribe from email/newsletter lists (84%)
  • Delete apps because of push notifications (82%)
  • Unfollow brands on social channels (86%)
- if the communication is too overwhelming or generalized.

Spray and pray marketing — where you 'spray' your marketing budget on different channels without any strategy behind it, and 'pray' that you attract potential customers — is dead.

And the principal philosophy behind marketing using Messenger bots is to automate and scale hyper-personalized sales conversations. The bots will initially ask the user a qualifying question, based on which they will clearly understand the user's needs/requirements, and in turn offer them laser-focused product/service suggestions.

For instance, take a look at how the DJI's (the world's leading company in the civilian-drone industry) chat bot, built on ProChatCommerce, slays it on Messenger with tailored product suggestions and educational content:
As you can see, the bot saves a lot of product research time for the prospective customer, and at the same time, also helps the DJI team in sending relevant follow-up messages and educating the prospects about how the products can solve their problems.

Make your bot with ProChatCommerce (it's free!)
Supercharge your business with Messenger bot
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Case 4:
A chat bot is the ultimate solution to nail your acquisition and retention goals
Lead nurturing is the process of establishing relationships with the leads, by listening to their requirements and answering their questions, at every stage of their buyer's journeys.

It is the best way to convert your prospects into customers. In fact, it's the one of the most effective approaches that will work in this day and age.

As mentioned in the first section, the key to up your conversion is to consistently stay in touch with your users throughout their buyer's journeys, so that when the need arises, your product is the first to come up in their minds.

And Messenger bots perform those tasks effectively.

Your Messenger bots can feed multiple, small, easily digestible pieces of information, across regular intervals of time (say once every 2-3 days or once a month, depending on the nature of the business) thereby ensuring that your brand consistently stays on top of their minds, and thus increasing your chances of showing up in front of the users at the perfect time.
Now it's your turn
Summing it up, Facebook Messenger chat bots will enable you to personalize your marketing activities, give your messages the highest open rates, help your brand to stay on top of the audiences' minds, and in turn, skyrocket your conversion rates.

What we're looking at is a performance that's 2-5 times better than any landing page or email drip campaign out there.

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead and create a Messenger bot that will drive more sales for your business with ProChatCommerce (with no coding whatsoever), and ace your conversion goals, like never before.
Ready to use Facebook Messenger chat bots to effortlessly win your conversion goals?

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