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Getting started with Messenger marketing
How to set up basic Messenger experience and start gathering new subscribers
Easily get started with your Messenger chat bot
Start with these simple steps after signing up for a ProChatCommerce account:

1. Connect your Facebook Business page
Choose a page you'd like to create a bot for

2. Customize your welcome campaign
Edit texts, add images and adjust it to your brand's tone

3. Create new messaging campaigns
To invite people to a webinar, to showcase products or send over a special deal

4. Drive more subscribers
From your website, newsletter, Facebook ads and other with our Growth tools
This is how typical Facebok Page looks like
Connecting your FB page
Now that you connected your page, the bot is live. All people who message your brand on Facebook will start an interaction with your bot from a Welcome campaign.

If people ask a question, an auto-responder campaign is sent to them. It fires maximum once in 24 hours for each user.

Customizing the Welcome campaign
Find the Welcome campaign on the Campaigns tab. It is already live.

Add images and engaging texts - stay informal and make it fun!
It's also a great chance to qualify and segment your potential buyers.
Ask them questions and mark them with tags to remember their choice.

Creating new campaigns
Easily create new campaigns on the Campaigns tab.

Drive more subscribers
All people who get in touch with your brand through FB Messenger automatically become your subscribers.

Use our Growth tools to increase your Messenger list further.

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