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Learn how ProChatCommerce works and how to engage your leads and customers
Quick start

How to set up basic Messenger experience and start gathering new subscribers


Greet people who start to interact with your Messenger bot

Automatically respond to people's questions

Send over news and updates, special deals and blog posts

Growth tools

How to drive subscribers to your Messenger account

Start conversations with your website visitors and continue in Messenger

Encourage website visitors to become your Messenger susbcribers

Share a clickable link that launches a specific campaign

Encourage to get in touch through Messenger right from the ad

— What is your pricing?
— You can get started with ProChatCommerce and get up to 500 subscribers for your Messenger account for free. For further options, please check our Pricing page.
— How to connect a bot to a website?
— There are several options how you can integrate a chat bot with your website.

1) Customer chat - a plugin where website visitors can start a conversation with your business right on the website and continue in Messenger. Set up on Growth tools - Customer chat. More details here.
2) Send to Messenger button - a button integrated in any place of your web page. Set up on Growth tools - Send to Messenger button. More details here.
3) A clickable link to your bot - a link that triggers a specific campaign of your Messenger bot. Set up on Growth tools - Links. More details here.
— How do I change texts of the bot?
— To change texts, images or any other content of your bot, go to the Campaigns tab, choose a campaign you'd like to configure and click it.

Edit any texts of your choice. All changes are saved automatically.

To preview the changes, click "Preview in Messenger".

— How do I configure an auto response from my page?
— There already is a pre-defined auto responder campaign. To edit it, go to the Campaigns tab, choose Auto-responder campaign and click it.

Edit or add any texts, add images etc. All changes are saved automatically.

— How do I use a chat bot with Facebook ads?
— Try Messenger as a Destination ads. To set them up go to Growth tools -> Facebook ads. Learn more here.

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