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Customer Chat Plugin
Start conversations with your website visitors and continue in Messenger
What is a Customer Chat?
Customer Chat is a plugin integrated to any page of your website.

People start a conversation with your brand in the chat on your website and can continue at any time in Facebook Messenger.

Thus, you keep in touch with everybody who reach out to your business on your website and can target campaigns on this audience.

How it works?
Messages sync between website and Messenger

  • Automatically loads recent chat history between the person and your business
  • The same conversation history on,
    in the Messenger app, or in the chat plugin on your website
  • Allows to continue the conversation even after people leave your webpage
Easy log in

If the user is already logged in to their Facebook account,
they will be able to start chatting with your bot right away.
If they are not logged in, a default welcome message will be display,
and they will be prompted to log in or create a new Facebook account.

How to use it?
A Customer chat is linked with a specific campaign that is triggered when people start a conversation in the chat.
You can create multiple Customer chats and link them with different campaigns - for different web pages and offers on your website.

It is set up on Growth tools -> Customer chat.

How to integrate it?
Go to Growth tools tab -> Customer chat, click +New customer chat.
Choose a campaign to trigger with when people start interacting with the chat.

Follow the instruction on the tab to install the plugin to your website:
step 1 - whitelist your domain,
step 2 - copy and paste Facebook Javascript SDK,
step 3 - copy and paste the plugin code in the best place of your web page.
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