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Messenger as a Destination Ads
Encourage to get in touch through Messenger right from the ad
What is Messenger as a Destination ads?
Messenger as a Destination ads is a new type of ads. Their call to action is "send message" to your Facebook business page.

Together with a chatbot, you can create a productive sales funnel with such ads and supercharge your sales.

How to set up Messenger as a Destination ads?
  1. Go to Facebook ads manager and click the "Create ad" button
  2. Choose "Traffic" as an objective and set "Messenger" in the menu "Where to drive traffic".
3. Set up your Audience, Placements and Budget, and proceed to the Ad set up.
4. Enter your headline and text. Provide users with a reason to get in touch. Use a lead magnet (free eBook, spreadsheet, video etc) or a special offer.
5. In the "Call to action" dropdown choose "Send message".
6. At the last step (Message set up), enter a relevant text. This will be the first message users receive after they click the "Send message" button. It should be relevant to the offer you specified in the ads.

7. In the Customer Actions area choose "Buttons" in the dropdown menu, choose "Send a postback" as an action, and enter {next: 1} in the Bot Payload field.
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