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Send to Messenger Buttons
Encourage website visitors to become your Messenger susbcribers
What is Send to Messenger Button?
Send to Messenger Button is a button that can be placed anywhere on your website.
It is used to encourage people to subscribe to your Messenger account.

Each button can be linked with a separate campaign of your Messenger bot.
When people click a button, a particular campaign is triggered and people receive it through Messenger.
How to use Send to Messenger Button?
Integrate it to a web page and put a special offer: subscribe to get a 10% off coupon, subscribe to get a eBook, get our latest webinar recording in Facebook Messenger, etc.
How to integrate to your website?
Go to Growth tools -> Send to Messenger buttons.

Create a new button plugin and link it to a campaign of your choice. This is the campaign that users receive in Facebook Messenger right after they click the Send to Messenger button on your website.

Click "Install on the website" and follow the instructions on the tab:
step 1 - whitelist your domain,
step 2 - copy and paste Facebook Javascript SDK,
step 3 - copy and paste the button plugin code.
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