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Grow your Messenger list
How to drive subscribers to your Messenger account
How can people become your subscribers?
Everyone who gets in touch with your Messenger account, automatically becomes your subscriber. This includes people who message your page on Facebook.
In this way your list starts to grow organically.

To boost its growth use our Growth tools on Growth tools tab.

Where to drive more subscribers from?
Drive more subscribers with:
• Customer chat plugin for your website
Convert your website visitors into Messenger subscribers and stop losing those who just leave your website without making a purchase or getting in touch.
• Send to Messenger buttons for your website
Provide website visitors with a reason to subscriber (e.g. a lead magnet) and integrate a button in your website or blog
• Clickable links to your bot or specific campaigns
Share a link to your bot on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and other places where your audience hangs out.
• Facebook Messenger as a Destination ads
Launch Facebook ads with a CTA to Send you a message and convert them automatically with your Messenger bot.

Can I send a message to people who comment a post?
This feature will be available soon in ProChatCommerce.

For now, please share a clickable link to a specific campaign. You can generate one on Growth tools -> Links.
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