9 Ways to Win Subscribers to Your Facebook Messenger Chat Bot

Posts, pages, buttons, ads, communities, and more. Here's your comprehensive Messenger bot distribution list.
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"If a tree falls in a forest and nobody's around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Similarly, your Messenger bot may be the most powerful sales-machine out there, but without a proper way for your audience to discover it, it will be as good as nonexistent.

Promoting your bot is step number 0 of your lead conversion process.

Here are 9 super effective techniques to boost your Messenger bot traffic:

1. Leverage your Facebook Page audience

A free and high-performing tactic - if you already have a Facebook page up and running, connect your page to your chat bot, and enable a relevant CTA button (Shop Now, Get Support, Get Updates, Play Now or Send Message) on your page. Include a link to your bot in the "About" section as well.
Messenger Link on Facebook Business Page
Cover Image:
Add a compelling cover image that talks about your bot and draws the visitor's attention to the "Get Started" CTA. Adding to that, the cover image will also provide more context to the CTA, so that users know what they're getting into.
Cover image of Facebook Page
Create and publish engaging posts that talk about the benefits of your Messenger bot. An engaging Facebook post must have these three P's:

  • Personal - is relatable for the audience, and strikes a chord with them
  • Purpose - offers some kind of value to the audience
  • Promotion - puts your brand (and this case, your bot) on the pedestal, and encourages the audience to take an action

Here's a neat example from Greatist that checks all those three boxes:
Facebook post about a Messenger Bot
Visual elements and graphics like images, videos, and gifs can get you 65% more engagement within a month. Pin the post to the top of your page to make it more prominent.

Publish your post at the most effective time of the day to maximize the results - 1 to 4 pm has the best click and share rates in general. You can use this timing as a starting point and then figure out the schedule that works best for you.

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Ideal days and times to post of Facebook
2. Take advantage of your Instagram Page
Have an Instagram page with a sizeable audience? Then go ahead and add the link to your Messenger bot in the profile, right below your bio. Prompt your audience to click the link in your bio, in the descriptions of your Instagram photos and videos.
Messenger Bot URL on Instagram page
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Similar to the Facebook posts, share Instagram posts at the optimal hours.
Ideal days and times to post of Instagram
Geotag your posts if you want to target local consumers. Include relevant hashtags in your posts and stories. While general and trending hashtags help your profile's discoverability, unique and brand-specific hashtags can be used to promote your brand and community.

For instance, DJI uses the hashtag #SparkTips whenever they share a post that features their Spark drone and the different ways to use it. Consequently, their followers also use this hashtag whenever they share a similar post with their own Spark drone.
Instagram hashtags for Messenger bot promotion
Unlike your other Instagram posts, stories will only last for 24 hours. Regularly publish stories that talk about your bot's value proposition, and link the "See More" CTA that directly links to your bot in those stories.

As you might have noticed, "See More" doesn't really explain much, so make sure to add more information about the CTA ("Swipe up to" + your bot's value proposition). Here's one of the stories by J.Crew with three images, and a CTA in the final image that linked to one of their blog posts:
You can also include hashtags, tag other users, and include geo-location and timestamps in your stories, in order to make your stories more targeted.

Make your other Instagram posts work with your stories: create an Instagram post that asks the audience to look out for an announcement in your stories, or publish a sneak-preview in your stories, of your upcoming Instagram post.
3. Get your Influencers to do the talking
The influencers will already have a loyal group of followers (who also belong to your target segment), and their shout out to your bot will automatically boost your bot's credibility and appeal.

Following are the different ways to do this:

Identify the influencers in your industry, get them to use your Messenger bot, and then talk about their experience on their social media profiles or on their websites. They can write a blog post about your blog, share a Facebook post, include the bot's link as the CTA to their Instagram story, or even tweet about it, as shown below:
Messenger bot influencer marketing on Twitter
Give your audience an incentive to promote your bot on social media. Ask them to tag your profile or use your hashtag to show that they are a part of your community.

For example, Epytom, a bot that offers fashion tips, asks its users to tag their Instagram page or use their brand-specific hashtag to get featured on the page.
Messenger bot influencer marketing on Instagram
You can let one of your influencers take over one of your social media profiles/blogs for a specific period. This cross-promotion will draw the influencer's followers to your profile, while at the same time giving your existing followers content pieces that are different from your usual ones.

For example, Harper's Bazaar had actor and model Jaime King take over their Instagram account for a day during the Dior Cruise show. Here are some of the stories that she posted that day:
Instagram Story influencer takeover
4. Get more traction using Facebook and Instagram Ads
In addition to the organic traffic brought in by your Facebook and Instagram pages and posts, you can amplify your reach and find a new audience by running click to Messenger ads on these two platforms.

The ads show up on the News Feed section of Facebook and Instagram along with other organic content, but with a "Sponsored" label.

Here's how a click to Messenger ad would look on your Facebook News Feed:
Click to Messenger Ad on Facebook
And this is how it would look on your Instagram News Feed:
Click to Messenger Ad on Instagram
With the help of these ads, you can take the users directly to the Messenger app, where they'll be greeted with your bot, with a text/image/video message that aligns with your ad's content.

This way, you can cash in on the momentary interest expressed by the users and convert that interest into a steady relationship.

The key to getting this right and ensuring that you're not wasting money is to hyper-target your audience - only target users who've already interacted with your brand in some way, or target users who share similar demographic profiles of the ones who had interacted with your brand.

(Learn more about the best practices for running click to Messenger ads on Instagram in this post.)
5. Show up on the Facebook Messenger Discover Tab
To help users in discovering new bots, the Messenger Platform 2.0 came up with the Discover tab, where users will be able to view the featured bots and browse through their different categories, right within their Messenger apps.

Since they are displayed by Facebook, in addition to getting discovered easily, the bots will also gain their credibility.
Facebook Messenger Discover tab
To submit your bot, the admin of your Facebook page has to fill out the Discover submission form. In the form, you'll get to pick the categories in which your bot has to show up, add the bot's description, and choose the languages that it'll support.

You can update your bot's information anytime by going back to the form in the Page Settings section.

Factors such as low report and block rates, high response rate, and good use of Messenger features such as the Get Started button and the Persistent Menu.
6. Make the best use of other Social Media groups/channels
Cross-channel marketing will ensure that you target the right set of users at the right places and that they go through a unified journey across the different channels.

Product Hunt, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Slack channels, Facebook groups, and Linkedin groups are some of the most effective online places to showcase your bot to a targeted set of audience.

You'll have to modify your approach based on each channel to maximize your results. For instance, using the right hashtags will do wonders on Twitter, uploading well-composed images work well on Pinterest. Here's an example of a bot's promotion on Pinterest:
Messenger bot marketing on Pinterest
Communities are great places to promote your bot and to gather feedback from your target audience at the same time. While websites like GrowthHackers,,, and HackerNews are suitable for sharing posts that talk about your bot, those like Quora and BotExchange are perfect to answer relevant questions, engage in meaningful conversations, and thereby promote your bot.

While answering users' questions, ensure that you don't blatantly promote your bot, but rather provide them with helpful and informative answers using your bot as an example. This way, you can avoid spam marketing.

For example, in his answer to the Quora question about how to design the personality of a chatbot, note how the user has given a detailed answer complete with screenshots and has plugged in the bot names as a part of the answer. With such a practice, you can also garner more upvotes to your answer, thus bringing it to the top of the list.
7. Optimize your website/blog
It is implicit that a user who visits your website is already interested in your offering. So it's more than effective to catch hold of that interest and retain their attention by starting a conversation with them as soon as possible.
Messenger bot button on website
You can do this by including a "Message Us" or a "Send to Messenger" button on your website.
Send to Messenger button
(Note: ProChatCommerce doesn't support those buttons for now. However, you can get similar results by creating your own CTA button on your website and adding your bot's link provided by ProChatCommerce to that CTA.)

Create an independent landing page with a solid value proposition for your chat bot. For example, note how Domino's has a dedicated landing page for their bot, that clearly explains its value proposition:
Website landing page for Messenger bot
You can also write blog posts related to your Messenger bot and the value that it offers, and provide a link to get started with it. For example, take a look at Digg's Medium post that also talks about their Messenger bot.

(Bonus tip: Write informative guest posts on well-known blogs, and provide a link to your bots in the posts, to get in front of the blogs' already established readers.)
8. Ship out newsletters/email broadcasts
Build a healthy subscriber list for your blog/product updates, and include a plug about your Messenger bot in your newsletters sent to them. Your newsletter subscribers are people who've already explicitly expressed their interest in what you have to say, and you cannot find a better set of audience to promote your bot.
Messenger bot promotion through a email newsletter
Additionally, you can approach renowned newsletters in your industry, and request them for a mention of your bot. You can also sponsor a newsletter edition if need be.
9. Employ a Scannable Messenger Code
This one's for the online as well as the offline worlds. Scanning your Messenger Code using their Messenger app will automatically take the user to your Messenger bot.

In addition to including your Messenger Code on your website, you can also print it out and distribute it in offline events.
Messenger code for Messenger bot
While a regular Messenger Code will redirect your users to your bot's default welcome message, a parametric Messenger Code can take them to a particular part of the bot experience with the help of referral links.
Let's go over the 9 Messenger bot promotion ideas once again: your Facebook and Instagram pages, Facebook and Instagram ads, Messenger Discover tab, other social media channels and groups, your website and blog, influencer marketing, newsletters and email broadcasts, and finally, scannable Messenger Codes.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach. The channels and tactics that might be perfect for a software vendor might not make sense for a florist.

Pick the ones that best suit your business and your target audience. And whatever the approach, just keep this in mind - ensure that the CTA aligns with your Messenger bot's value proposition.

This way, the users will know what they are signing up for and don't abandon your bot midway. Consequently, you can qualify the intent of your bot users, and also nail your retention goals.
Ready to skyrocket your conversions using your very own Messenger chat bot?

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